New Marvel MMO Is in the Works From City of Heroes Devs

An Untitled Marvel MMO Is Reportedly in the Works

A new MMORPG based on a Marvel IP is reportedly being developed at Dimensional Ink. The studio is also the team behind DC Universe Online.

Jack Emmert will be leading the development for the unannounced and untitled game. He was also the dev who designed City of Heroes and is currently leading the team working on DCUO.

Unfortunately, this new Marvel MMO is reportedly a long-term title. The presentation lists the Marvel MMO as a “Marvel IP based massively multiplayer online game.” 

marvel mmo in the works

With that said, Marvel gaming fans might not want to expect to hear more until 2023 at the soonest. News about it only came to light at a recent investor presentation from Enad Gobal 7, which is the company that owns Daybreak Game Studios. Dimensional Ink, on the other hand, is a subsidiary of Daybreak.

Daybreak is not inexperienced when it comes to publishing successful MMOs. The ones that they released have sustained a loyal following despite not really rising to the top of the heap. Daybreak published Lord of the Rings Online, which, in turn, is getting a revamp to go along with an upcoming TV series on Amazon.

News about Daybreak working on a Marvel MMO first came to light n 2019. Apparently, the studio was already trying to develop the game since around 2018. That was before layoffs greatly affected the studio. Shortly after this, the devs reportedly decided to shelf the project entirely.

Now, however, it would seem that the Marvel MMO project has been revived over at Daybreak Game Studios. It certainly looks like this new project is more successful than all past attempts. In 2013, Marvel Heroes shut down after several name changes in 2017. Emmert’s Cryptic Studios was also working on a Marvel MMO together with Microsoft. They later cancelled this project in 2008, before reviving it to Champions Online.

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