Extensive Leaks Hint That Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode May Be Series’ Best

Forge Mode is a Big Deal for Halo Infinite

This isn’t the first time Halo Infinite saw leaks. Even before release, things like cutscenes were already making their way onto the internet. Cut scenes and weapons have been datamined, and now, the upcoming Forge Mode is starting to be revealed.

For any franchise newcomers, Forge Mode is an extensive creativity tool that’s existed ever since Halo 3. It lets players design their own maps, and the results have incredible. When combined with the players’ ability to design custom gametypes, it turns Halo’s already vast sandbox into a minigame paradise rivalling that of Roblox or Minecraft. The mode isn’t included in Halo Infinite yet, but it’s being worked on. If these leaks are to be believed it could be the best in the franchise’s history.

Here’s a fun little example. Remember the map “Fragmentation” from the Big Team Battle playlist? Apparently Halo Infinite’s forge mode has a weather-changing feature, and someone buried the map in a snowstorm. Another post shows what Bazaar looks like at night.

Some other images have emerged – including a forge Monitor and several items placed into the map Bazaar. That last one also included a Spartan A-posing – though whether it’s a placeholder asset, a size reference, or a placeable AI friend/enemy is unclear.

Another post showed off a specific asset – a large billboard, advertising “Gauss” cherry/lemonade soda. It comes complete with a smiling spartan and the tagline “Drink Like A Spartan, Be A Spartan”. Other assets include a glowing forerunner energy pulse, and vehicles – with fully customizable colors.

This being a free-to-play game, it’s unknown how much of this stuff (if any) will be behind a paywall. But if they’re all easily accessible, it seems like Halo Infinite might just have the franchise’s biggest forge mode yet.