Transformers: Battlegrounds Complete Edition Is Out On PC and Consoles

Transformers: Battlegrounds Complete Edition Is Out On PC and Consoles

Transformers is an iconic franchise that has spanned gaming, movies and of course, TV series. The franchise has been part of the gaming world many times and consistently offers a fun product. Transformers: Battlegrounds initially launched in 2020 and was well received. Today, Hasbro and Outright Games have released a complete digital edition of Transformers: Battlegrounds for both console and PC. Transformers: Battlegrounds is a tactical combat game that tests players’ wits and more.

The game’s complete edition includes the full main game, all downloadable skin packs, the CUBE add-on and the Shattered Spacebridge DLC. This DLC introduced fresh content into the game, including new battlegrounds, tactics and challenges. Essentially, fans who purchase the Complete Edition will have access to all the DLC and new modes of the game since its release.

As the Decepticons and Megatron threaten to invade earth, it is up to Bumblebee, AllSpark and the Autobots to save the planet. Players will engage in tactical turn-based war from Central City to Cybertron itself. Players will be able to roll out using Optimus Prime, Winblade and other Autobots. The game also features local multiplayer so friends can team up or go against each other in arcade-style games.

To succeed, players must use the game’s environment to their benefit. Furthermore, utilizing powerful Ultimate Abilities at the right time might just be the key to victory.

Interested fans can purchase the game here. It is available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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