Top-Down Racer Circuit Superstars Has Launched On PlayStation 4

Top-Down Racer Circuit Superstars Has Launched On PlayStation 4

Square Enix is a major video game publisher and developer that releases major AAA titles yearly. Some of these titles include Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider and Dragon Quest. However, Square Enix Collective, which launched in 2014, was made to assist independent developers. As a result, Original Fire Games and Square Enix partnered to release Circuit Superstars. Original Fire Games is a small company with almost fifteen years of motor racing experience. The company strives to make fun, realistic racing games. The game launched on PC and Xbox One prior, and has now officially launched on PlayStation 4.

Circuit Superstars is a top-down racing game that was built by racing fans. PlayStation 4 players will now have the opportunity to race against their colleagues on PC and Xbox One. Furthermore, players can now access a garage of their dreams with twelve vehicles ready to hit the track. There are also nineteen tracks available set in thirteen different locations.

Additionally, players have a wide variety of customization options including the liveries for both drivers and cars in addition to helmets and victory celebrations. Players can access these via levelling up. Circuit Superstars also features different racing disciplines. These include rallycross, trucks, GT racing and open wheel single-seater trucks. The developers also promise more content coming to the game in the future.

The developers have a plan to release the game on the Nintendo Switch in the second quarter of 2022, making it more open to fun cross-play action!

What are your thoughts on Circuit Superstars? Did you play it on Xbox One or PC? Will you be trying it on the PlayStation 4? Are you a fan of indie games such as Circuit Superstars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

SOURCE: Press Release