Rainbow Six Extraction Smashing on to Game Pass Day One

Get Ready Operators 

Rainbow Six’s operators are about to face their biggest challenge yet, and game pass members are coming to the fight. Arriving on January 20th, Rainbow Six Extraction introduces the latest threat to the operators, an alien one.

A press release from Xbox News, posted on Twitter, provides more details about Extraction and Rainbow Six’s arrival on Games Pass. 

Rainbow Six Extraction

“Rainbow Six Extraction will be available on day one with Xbox Game Pass. So operators will be joined by Xbox Game Pass members on console, PC, and cloud from around the world.” Says the Xbox press release. 

Unlike the base game of Rainbow Six Siege, Extraction introduces a new PVE experience. In Extraction, players face a mutating, alien, threat in squads of three. Additionally, players fight this threat on twelve different maps, with a variety of weapons and gadgets. As well, the game provides four different levels of difficulty and an endgame that features ranked mode. 

A  cinematic trailer released two months ago shows off some of these features. 

After release, on January 20th, Rainbow Six Extraction will be available on the Xbox Games Pass.

In addition, it will also be available on the PC Game Pass and cloud gaming. In addition, Rainbow Six Extraction is available for pre-order and is priced at $39.99 for the standard edition. Furthermore, players can purchase the deluxe edition for ten dollars more. The deluxe edition of Rainbow Six Extraction features 3 epic gearsets and XP boosters to really get you going. 

Additionally, players are also able to use 2 free buddy passes. These passes grant the game to two friends to play with you for 14 days, for free. So operator, who are you bringing?