Rainbow Six Extraction’s First Crisis Event Offers the Auto-Turret

Rainbow Six Extraction Players Can Now Take Part in Its First Crisis Event Spillover

Rainbow Six Extraction’s first Crisis Event Spillover is live now. The event equips players with new dissolution agent canisters that they need to set up and guard against multiple waves of Archaean enemies. They need to defeat the enemies so their whole team does not get wiped out.

Playing the event gives Rainbow Six Extraction players a chance to unlock the auto-turret. This allows the to automatically track and fire upon their opponents. Once they destroy one colony of the aliens, they can move on to the next. Eventually, they could clear the whole map. It is up to the players if they want to give each auto-turret a cute name or a backstory.

rainbow six extraction first crisis event offers auto-turret

Other Rainbow Six Extraction rewards for playing the event include exclusive operator uniforms as well as weapon skins. Players can even unlock Zofia, who is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker. Zofia can equip REACT teach to her grenade launcher. Unfortunately, how this feature works within the game remains to be seen.

Spillover is the first Crisis Event for Rainbow Six Extraction. Thankfully for fans of the franchise, Ubisoft has already confirmed that they are going to roll out at least three more. According to them, this one is just the “first of many” events and updates that are yet to come.

Some players who have spent some hands-on time with the event have complained that it seemed to have done away with what made the base game tick. They reportedly were not able to fully enjoy the new additions included in the event due to the fact that it was just too hard.

The hordes were reportedly initially manageable. They got to experience that Siege-esque adrenaline rush when they hear the enemies approaching. However, players were irked that there was not let-up. They just continuously poured through. Eventually, the game became so challenging for them that their defenses collapsed. They would all either perish or extract very early.

According to them, the difficulty curve for Rainbow Six Extraction itself was manageable. However, they could not say the same for Spillover. Things simply escalated too fast. It reportedly became too difficult for them to give the event another try without feeling miffed.

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