Rainbow Six Extraction Devs May Have Just Teased New Map

Rainbow Six Extraction’s Next Map May Be Outside the US

Rainbow Six Extraction has not been in the gaming market for a full week yet. However, fans are already excited to get new content. They were recently sent into a frenzy when devs made an announcement on social media.

Following events in New Mexico, Dr. Elena Maria Alvarez aka Mira searched for other Chimera strains,” devs wrote. “Possible match found on mutated cow in Tidworth, UK.”

rainbow six extraction devs tease new map

This short statement from the devs has the Rainbow Six Extraction community buzzing about a possible new map. The game has quite a number of maps in the game. However, all of them are in the United States. This recent social media post suggested that devs could soon be taking the game to the United Kingdom.

Fans are also expecting accompanying Operators from the region. Smoke and Sledge are already in, but fellow SAS members Thatcher and Mute are not part of the roster just yet. Mira is not in the game yet as well. Since her name was mentioned in the social media post, Rainbow Six Extraction players believe that she is a likely candidate.

Furthermore, the mention of a mutated cow has fans very intrigued, too. The gaming community is aware of Bloaters and Breachers that are featured in the game. However, they have never come across any bovine bad guys. Still, it is possible that they make their appearance in the UK. That is, if devs do decided to bring the game’s map over to that part of the world.

Ubisoft also recently confirmed that the game’s Buddy Pass system will soon be available to all players in a few days. “We are happy to announce that the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass will be available for all players on Thursday, January 27th at 10am EST,” they wrote. “Invite two friends to your squad for free for 14 days and continue the fight against the parasite!”

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