No More Updates Are Coming to Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion Ends its Vigil

It’s been a few months over a year since Ubisoft launched Watch Dogs: Legion. The game managed to accumulate a sizable playerbase, players that were always hungry for new content.

Then, the game’s developers made a blog post. The first few lines were all about praising the game, looking back at how far they’d come, and what they’d added since launch. Statements like this can go one of two ways – into “the biggest update we’ve ever put forward”, or “total project cancellation”. And unfortunately for Watch Dogs: Legion‘s playerbase, they were met with the latter.

watch dogs legion

To ubisoft’s credit, they at least tried to make the bad news go down easy. The “TU 5.6 was our final update for Watch Dogs: Legion.” was immediately followed up by a “However,” though the new content offered didn’t exactly sate the hunger of the game’s players. According to the statement, “you can look forward to reward tracks in the Online Mode, containing both new and returning rewards. The current season 4 Rebels track, containing 80 ranks, will run until January 22, 2022, followed by Season 5 Stripes. After that, Seasons 3-5 will continue to cycle and return to the game, giving you the opportunity to acquire rewards you might have missed out on in the past.”

As you can imagine, players were a bit upset at this news. Recycled content doesn’t quite hit the same, you know? Comments to the twitter post are more or less what you’d expect. None were happy to see the news, with some complaining that there was still a ton of room to improve. Others were more optimistic, happy they the communication existed at all.