Koei Tecmo Promising Good Things for 2022

There Have Been No Reveals Yet, but Games Have Been Promised

Koei Tecmo has been surprisingly active in 2021. They released Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water on other consoles; they released Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection this year as well. They’ve been very busy for the past few years, even during 2020.

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection


And according to Tecmo, there’s more to look forward to in 2022. According to an article on 4Gamer, a Japanese news website, there are some hints that Tecmo is going to up to some major projects in 2022. Specifically, we’ve got a few hints from Yosuke Hayashi, who was known for his work in the Dead or Alive series and is currently the general manager in the entertainment division of the company. We’ve also heard from the President and CEO, Hisashi Koinuma, Team Ninja brand director Fumihiko Yasuda, and producer Yosuke Kikuchi, known for the Fatal Frame series.

Hayashi claims that in 2022, there will be games revealed that have been in the works for several years. This, according to Hayashi, would reveal the “full power of the current Koei Tecmo”. Koinuma agreed with the fact that there will be games coming from the company, though not revealing what they may be.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity DLC


However, Yasuda did come out and reveal one of the possible games we will be seeing this year. According to Yasuda, they have been working on an action game centered around the Three Kingdoms era, as well as working on another game- though Yasuda did not say whether the other project will be included in the game reveal of 2022.

What is also interesting is Kikuchi remarked via translation that “his team will challenge the development of something that they have never done before,”.

fatal frame release

This could mean that there could be a new Nioh, Fatal Frame game, or something else entirely. So, for Koei Tecmo, it sounds like a very exciting year that will be coming up, with all sorts of possibilities. Maybe if we keep our fingers crossed, we’ll get to see these reveals sooner than later.