Uncharted Waters Origin Just Received Its Latest Update

The New Content of Uncharted Waters Origin

LINE Games, Motif, and KOEI TECMO GAMES have released the latest update for their Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin. It comes with brand-new content such as a S Grade Admiral and a S Grade Mate. There are 5 new Mates as well as a new in-game feature called the ‘Suez Canal’.

Moreover, the game will be celebrating a ‘New Year Special Attendance’ event until January 31. It will provide various rewards to players who log into the game in the new year.

Uncharted Waters Origin

The new S Grade Admiral, named ‘Qi Jiguang,’ serves as a Ming military official. Embarking on a journey, his objective is to establish a formidable army and compile a training manual. His main aim is to save people suffering from foreign invasions.

He has Admiral’s Orders and specialized combat skills, users unlocking his Memoirs can progress through his Chronicle without expending Energy. Complete this Chronicle to obtain various items, such as 5 Tickets for ‘Qin Liangyu’, the new S Grade Mate, Superior Mate EXP Potions, and Superior Mate Tickets.

The recently introduced S Grade Mate, named ‘Qin Liangyu,’ brings forth multiple job effects beneficial for close-quarters combat, such as augmenting Melee Critical Chance and boosting Melee Critical Chance.

In addition to ‘Qin Liangyu,’ the game now features ‘Ipbu,’ a S Grade Mate, ‘Gwon Jun,’ A Grade Mate, and B Grade Mates ‘Na Daeyong’ and ‘Yi Woonryong.’

The ‘Suez Canal’ reduces the sailing distances in the game between the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Indian Ocean. However, accessing it requires a fee based on port shares.

Uncharted Waters Origin is available on mobile (IOS and Android) and PC via Steam and it is free-to-play. If you are a fan of this genre, then you should give it a shot.