Quantum Knights Steam Next Fest Demo Is Out Now

Shoot Your Way Through in Quantum Knights

Space Dive Games and LINE Games have released a demo version of Quantum Knights for the Steam Next Fest. It will be available to all the gamers till the conclusion of the fest on 16 October.  This demo version will include the main story with normal and boss missions, field dungeons, and World Bosses. Not only that, it comes along with 8v8 PVP mode for everyone to enjoy.

Quantum Knights

Quantum Knights’ is an open-world third-person shooter. It combines the elements of guns and magic. The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world where magic has advanced technology, passed down from dragons since ancient times. You play as a charismatic ‘Volant’, a skilled wielder of magical firearms. And embark on an epic adventure across the vast land to build the ultimate squad.

The game has a variety of character styles with unique abilities. This includes Offensive, Defensive, Support, and more. You can choose the ones that match your playstyle and assemble a squad. You can also switch between them to enjoy an awesome shooting experience.

There are tons of weapons available in the game ranging from machine guns to shotguns. You can also upgrade them using Enhancements and Modifications to acquire enhanced effects with epic visuals.

It also features many activities to engage yourself in. You can travel around the world to undertake Missions, Search Operations, and Hunter’s Requests. Or create the gear you desire through Gathering, Mining, and Hunting. All the while following the main storyline. The game also features other game modes such as Roguelite mode, Team Deathmatch, and Mana Attrition.