nGolf Bringing Putting Puzzles to the Switch in January

Shooting for StarsĀ 

Sometimes golf just needs a little more star power. What could make it nicer than some cozy puzzles thrown on to the course? Luckily, the goal remains the same. Get the ball to the hole. However, there’s just a few more challenges in the way. Today, RedDeerGames is happy to announce that their cozy puzzle golf game, nGolf, is heading to the Nintendo Switch on January 11th. Inviting players to a level-based adventure, the game introduces a brand new type of golf featuring powerups, teleporters, and changing courses. Of course, players can also expect expect the need to use their brains as a way to get the best possible score.


nGolf allows players to enter a world of fantasy golf. Their goal is to get the ball to the hole in the least amount of shots. It’s just like normal golf. However, this time, there are many more obstacles in the way. In fact, some are even reality defying. Yet, the challenges that await you aren’t the only thing different about this golf. All along the cozy maps, all 60 levels of them, are stars that will increase a player’s score. Importantly, collecting more stars means a better score overall, yet keep your putts low while you get them can be challenging. Interestingly, every map comes with its own design and feeling to it.

Gamers can get a look at the Nintendo Switch version of nGolf in a new trailer. Check out the trailer below.

nGolf is releasing for the Nintendo Switch on January 11th, 2024.