Wicked Times Official Launch Date Revealed

Welcome to Wicked Times

Yotta Yobi and Diamond Tao are proud to announce the full release date for their latest title Wicked Times. The game is already available on PC and Mac via Steam Early Access for just $2.99. The full launch will take place on 12 January and there will be a 10% discount as well. So, keep your eyes out and make sure you don’t miss it.

Wicked Times

Wicked Times is an RPG manager and auto-battler game that uses real photos to depict locations and enemies. You will embark on an epic journey to stop the demon Kugraltha and his minions. Along the way, you will confront increasingly formidable adversaries. You will also discover new towns and engage in side activities. This will enable you to acquire additional gold and experience.

Beg, fish, meditate, and partake in various pursuits to reach the next level. Or get sufficient gold to buy your latest equipment. Ensure your well-being with potions, and enhance your spell book to amplify your offensive capabilities. And most importantly fortify your armor to endure the repercussions of the relentless monsters.

The game features a total of 60 enemies, 3 final bosses, 64 locations, 6 cities, and 12 side activities to strengthen yourself before going toe to toe with your enemies. So, are you ready to take down the demon and reclaim the land?