Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake Is Getting Delayed

All We Can Do Is Wait

Koei Tecmo has announced that the Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake is getting delayed from early 2024 to 2024. This means that the release time is unspecific and it will be later in the year. Kazuhiro Echigoya and Hisatsugu, the producers of the game said:

“We announced that Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake was previously scheduled to be released in early 2024. But we have decided to change the release date to 2024.

As the first large-scale remake of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, we decided that we needed to improve the quality further to create content that would satisfy fans.

The release date will be announced later, so please wait for a while.

We apologize to everyone who has been looking forward to the release. We will continue to improve the game to compensate for the wait, so we appreciate your patience.”

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake is the revamped version of the highly acclaimed turn-based tactical historical simulation game that originally came out in 2001. This new remake includes many new and improved features. The new “Play as All Officers” feature allows players to play as any officer of the Three Kingdoms.

There are new additional elements as well that are sure to bring the officers to life. The “Destiny” can change the course of events dramatically and the “Takes” offer a variety of stories. Not only that, the emotions of the officers will affect the outcomes in every situation in this remake.

The game also features both new and nostalgic visual effects with the combination of 2D and 3D technologies. There are even newly drawn portraits specifically for this title.

So, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the release date announcement for this epic game.