Horizon Forbidden West’s Villains Were Leaked Two Years Ago

Horizon Forbidden West’s Two-Year-Old Leak Got Some Things Right

Horizon Forbidden West has a two-year-old leak that is getting a lot of heat lately. Apparently, the leak from years ago had already revealed who the villains are going to be.

The leak was shared to the gaming public back in October 2019. At the time, the leak referred to the game as Horizon 2: Singularity. Although it got the title wrong, it did get some other details right. For instance, it was right about the game’s expanded climbing system and the addition of the grappling hook.

horizon forbidden west villains leaked two years ago

According to the leak, the villains were going to be Vast Silver and Oshua. The latter would be attempting to enthrone Vast Silver in one of the great war machines from before the robot apocalypse.

The Oshua, which is a tribe, will be using advanced technology given to them by Vast Silver. Vast Silver is a rogue AI that fans may have first come across in Horizon Zero Dawn. This tribe is an “even stronger tribe” of “strangers who pass the shore, searching for secrets.”

The previous Horizon Forbidden West leak may have gotten the villains right, but it was very wrong about the game’s setting. The leak claimed then that majority of the game will be in the Mojave Desert. However, based on what the community knows so far, a decent chunk of the game is in the ruins of San Francisco.

Still, this does not immediately mean that the Horizon Forbidden West leak was entirely essentially wrong. After all, it is common for project plans to change from their first conception up to the official release. With that said, it is possible that the information in the 2019 leak may have been accurate at one point. However, considering that it was still an unverified leak, everything could just be simple coincidences. Fans should also take leaks without confirmation, such as this one, with a grain of salt.

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