Cuphead is Getting a Netflix Series Next Month

The Cuphead Show! is Coming in February

The old school sidescrolling shooter Cuphead is releasing new content — but not on gaming consoles. The game that is famously based on 1930s cartoons has spawned its own cartoon. It is set to make its Netflix debut on February 18.


Netflix also released a new trailer for the series today alongside the series premiere announcement. Check out the start of the two protagonists’ journey in the clip below.

The trailer introduces both the main characters and the magical land that they call home. There are several other whacky characters that any players will surely be familiar with.

The series will follow Cuphead and his cautious and gullible brother Mugman. The two will travel together through Inkwell Isles, just like in the game. And of course, the brothers will encounter the Devil who is once gain after their souls. The series promises to include several references to the classic cartoons of the Golden Age of Animation from which the game drew inspiration.

Cuphead’ s first season will consist of 12 episodes. Each episodes runs for 12 minutes each. Are you excited to see this video game make its television debut? Sound off in the comments below. And follow along on the official Cupman Countdown website.