Hazelight Studio Looking to Make Adaption for Award-Winning Game

Josef Fares Is Excited About Film Possibilities for Award-Winning Game

There have been all sorts of adaptions that have been in the news lately. HBO has been working on The Last of Us; Illumination has been working on the Mario movie. We’ve even heard of the Fallout series finding an adaption on Amazon Prime. And now, there’s another video game that will be tossing its hat into the film and or television screen.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two will be coming to the silver or smaller screen thanks to a partnership with DJ2 Entertainment. DJ2 has made video game adaptions to television (with Netflix, with the upcoming Tomb Raider series) and movies (with Sonic). Josef Fares can also bring in filmmaking experience to the adaption if he so chooses.

According to the Variety interview, both Fares and dj2 CEO and founder Dmitri M. Johnson are very excited about the upcoming project. Johnson said in particular, “dj2 is honored to partner with Josef, Oskar [Wolontis], and the incredible team at Hazelight Studios on the linear media adaptation of ‘It Takes Two.’.” He continued with, “Just like the rest of the gaming world, we fell head-over-heels in love with Cody, May, Rose, Dr. Hakim and the imaginative fantasy universe Hazelight have created, and can’t wait to bring these characters -and this world- to life on the big and small screen.

It Takes Two

Fares agreed with Johnson with: “Creating the world and story in ‘It Takes Two’ was so much fun for me and the team. Since it has a strong narrative with many crazy characters and just as crazy co-op action moments, the potential is huge for a great adaption to film or television.

However, while there is a partnership between Hazelight and DJ2, the film adaption is not attached to any particular studio or network. Not yet at least. Again, according to the Variety interview, there is currently a “multi-party bidding war” for the rights to the adaption.

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