Halo Infinite Players Still Struggling With Big Team Battle After Hotfix

Halo Infinite’s Hotfix Did Not Fix the BTB Problem

Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle has not been working as intended. 343 Industries rolled out a hotfix to remedy the issues. Unfortunately, it was not the fix that everyone wanted.

Well, damn, today’s BTB hotfix does not appear to be the outcome we expected,” Community Director Brian Jarrard wrote on social media. “There are minor improvements, but overall matchmaking issues are still occurring.”

halo infinite players struggling big team battle after hotfix

Since Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle multiplayer launched, large parties could not get into the games. Some were fortunate enough to enter, but they would suddenly experience disconnection. The hotfix that 343 Industries hoped would fix the issues did not fix the problems at all. It was supposed to bring “minor service adjustments to improve Big Team Battle matchmaking.” 

Many Halo Infinite fans confirmed that the fix did not work at all. Some reported that they got random bursts of lag after the installed the hotfix. Others were also unable to connect to the franchise’s game servers. For me, at least, the update made it worse,” one fan complained. After installing the hotfix, many players got “stuck in an infinite loading screen loop.”

The issue had players dropped from the roster en masse and not replaced. They found themselves in very unbalanced matches. Some of the resulting matches were smaller than the standard 4v4 team compositions. Sorry this did not quite get the job done,” the devs continued. “Work continues.”

At the moment, there is no confirmation from the devs when a more effective update is going to come out. Unfortunately, it sounds like it could take a while. “Given this issue now looks to be persisting longer than expected, this is being investigated as well,” Jarrard added. “Stay tuned, please.”

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