Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai Event Is Back for a Limited Time

Halo Infinite Just Brought Back Its Fracture: Tenrai Event

Halo Infinite is reviving its Fracture: Tenrai event for a limited time. This popular multiplayer event begins today, January 4th, and will end on January 11th.  It will reportedly keep returning periodically throughout the remainder of the season.

Although 343 Industries retained the name, it is not a carbon copy of the original back in November. Listening to the feedback from the Halo Infinite community, they addressed some complaints and also added more progression changes. The event will feature some adjustments.

halo infinite fracture tenrai event

Halo Infinite’s event is still designed to be finished throughout Season 1. The difference now is that players can now earn 10 rewards every week. In the original event, they could only collect up to seven. According to the devs, it will take multiple weeks to unlock everything in the Fracture: Tenrai event. However, the main idea was to help “expedite progression for highly engaged players.”

What this means is that Event Challenges have been tuned to appear in your Challenge rotation sooner,” 343 announced. “They will have a higher weekly cap—originally 7, now 10.”

The biggest change is that now, each and every player will always have at least one challenge that is event-specific in their rotation. In the original version of the event, this was not a guarantee. In fact, many of those who participated in the event’s first run-through in November were not too happy with its gated progression and padded event pass. Apparently, they were playing for hours without a single event-related challenge.

The new Fracture: Tenrai event also has 11 new cosmetic items. These new items replace the Challenge Boosts and the XP that were originally available in the event pass. It seems that the devs want Halo Infinite players to invest more of their time into the event.

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