Halo Infinite Goes Retro With New Event Cyber Showdown

Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown Event Begins on January 18th

Halo Infinite has a new multiplayer event starting on January 18th. Based on Microsoft’s recently revealed teaser trailer, it will have retro music and arcades that give it a retro vibe. This event will be part of the title’s Season 1, Heroes of the Reach.

The preview shows a Spartan solider walking in a building that has a neon sign of the Scorpion Tank hanging above its entrance. This room is the Arcade: Game Zone and is a Halo-themed arcade. An enemy soldier then disintegrates the Spartan from behind. The Spartan is then sucked into the Arcade and brought into a new area while sporting a glowing mohawk.

halo infinite retro multiplayer event cyber showdown

Fans of Halo Infinite have noticed that the trailer took clear inspiration from the Tron franchise. In addition to the primary neon aesthetic, a force also sucks the main character into a game—just like in the Tron films.

Halo Infinite fans are also expecting the event to bring in new themed weapons and accessories, just like the hologram mohawk that the Spartan was sporting towards the end of the video.

Unfortunately, Developer 343 Industries has not provided any official information on when this new event will actually begin. However, dataminers have confirmed that it will begin on January 18th at 1pm EDT. This time frame seems to be consistent with the start time of Halo Infinite’s previous events.

Devs have been pretty steady with their release of free events on top of the game’s premium battle pass. There was the samurai-themed Fracture: Tenrai event, and then the Winter Contingency event. Unlike the latter, however, dataminers are confident that the Cyber Showdown event will run for two weeks and will end on January 31st.

Players are expecting the event’s challenges to be focused on Slayer, King of the Hill, One Flag, Capture the Flag, and Attrition.

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