Guerrilla Games Reveals Details About Horizon Forbidden West

Narrative Director and Senior Writer Reveal Hints During Interview

With Guerrilla Game’s Horizon Forbidden West coming out on February 17, 2022, we’ve all been looking forward to playing the game. But we haven’t had too many details of the upcoming game. At least, not until now.

In an interview with the Italian website Everyeye, Guerrilla Games have revealed bits and pieces, including why Aloy and her allies move towards the West, all the way to the ruined San Francisco and to the Yosemite Valley. The Senior Writer Annie Kitain stated,

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I’ll tell the background a little. Forbidden West takes place six months after the first chapter. In these six months, the Red Plague begins to spread across the world. This is a first indication of the critical failure of the terraforming operation. Another clue is represented by severe climate change, symbolized by the ferocious storms that are also glimpsed in some clips of the trailers.

If we want, Horizon Forbidden West is a game that also talks about ecology and the environment. In any case, Aloy begins studying the plague right away, and her clues point her to the West. The beginning of the game will explain exactly why.

While we have had confirmation that this game will take place six months after the first game-ending, this is the first time we’ve had confirmed why, outside of blog releases, Aloy would be going westward- and that she would not be going alone. Furthermore, Narrative Director Benjamin McCaw confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West would have only one ending, but it might be a little different depending on the choices made.

The time you decide to spend with certain supporting actors could have an effect, albeit minimal, on the progress of the story.

Let’s be clear: Horizon Forbidden West will have a single ending, very strong and impactful, but some nuances may change depending on the characters you have given space and attention to. In addition, on a couple of occasions, there will be very strong moral choices, which will have extremely powerful consequences.

So it sounds as if while we know there is one way the story will end, there may be other implications. Which makes a person wonder what that ending will be-and especially how it’s impacted by player choice. And also especially since it sounds as if there may be bad endings on the way.

We will only know for sure when we get to play. Until then, stay tuned.