Destiny 2 May Bring Back Halfdan-D & Nerf Two Exotics

Destiny 2 Devs Could Bring Back the Halfdan-D Rifle

Destiny 2’s Witch Queen season is right around the corner. With that said, Bungie is giving out more hints and teases on what the gaming community can expect next month. Normally, the devs roll out a patch with every new content.

Every time Destiny 2 devs launch new content, they give players an interesting combination of both new and returning weapons and armor. For this upcoming season, it looks like they want to bing back the popular Halfdan-D auto rifle. 

destiny 2 bring back halfdan d nerf two exotics

The Halfdan-D was last seen in Forsaken. It was first introduced in the vanilla Destiny 2 in 2017. However, its appearance in Forsaken was the first time that it got random rolls in the series. With that said, should Bungie decide to bring it back, this will be the third time fans get to see it again. It could presumably be back with more interesting rolls.

Plus, multiple sources have also cited that they are going to add balance changes to two exotic weapons. These weapons are the Lorentz Driver linear fusion rifle and the Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle. 

Unfortunately, the nerfing of these two weapons may end up disappointing many Destiny 2 players. After all, they easily fulfill the space cowboy fantasy some members of the Destiny community may have. Nerfing them, however, may be necessary.

Both of them are excellent PvP choices for giving massive damage over long ranges. Tuning them down can open up loadout options instead of locking players into only one play style. Even if the devs decide not to nerf them, they will lose their sources once the Witch Queen expansion launches. Players who do not have them yet may want to get them now.

The DMT is the game’s overly dominant exotic scout rifle that already got a little nerfing in the past. Apparently, it needs more nerfing. For the Lorentz Driver, devs said before that they were going to take away some of its insane auto aim during PvP matches. Multiple fans had already complained about this issue. Bungie deciding to nerf it does not come as a complete surprise.

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