New Sliding Block Types are Coming to Beat Saber

New Block Types? What is this, Minecraft?

There’s more than one way to beat a saber. That came out wrong. It was supposed to be a play on the “skin a cat” phrase. Let’s start again. There are new block types coming to Beat Saber. Better.

If you have played Beat Saber, you will be familiar with the types of blocks that players have to hit. There are the blocks that you have to hit in a certain direction, ones that you can hit in any direction, and bombs and other sections you have to avoid.

There is a new block coming to the game dubbed the “sliding block”. That’s not the official name though. The idea is that there is a trail these blocks leave behind that players will have to follow with their sabers. They are kind of like Sustained Notes found in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Sometimes the sliding block trails will twist and have additional blocks to hit at the end.

The official Beat Saber Twitter account recently gave us a little teaser of how these blocks work. Unfortunately, these new sliding blocks will not be retroactively applied to older or previously released songs. This means you will not see them in the base game songs or DLC. However, subsequent DLC releases should have them in their tracks.

Beat Saber is available on PSVR and Oculus. There is also no date given for the update.

Do you see this new type of block improving the game? Let us know in the comments below.