Live Now Is Beat Saber’s Online Multiplayer on PSVR

Virtual Space Might Not Be So Lonely Afterall

VR has brought a kind of resurgence to the couch co-op, passing the controller around kind of multiplayer. Especially with Beat Saber, where you and a group of friends can compete to beat each other’s high score on a certain song. But what if your friends can’t make it over, particularly in this pandemic era?

Beat Saber has the solution for you. Online Multiplayer, just like any other game system. For those on PC and Oculus Quest/Rift multiplayer has been available since October 2020, but it’s only now coming to PSVR. There’s no particular reason specified for this year-long delay. Perhaps it was Sony needing to re-evaluate the quality of the game. Or some other kind of technical limitation regarding Sony’s take on VR. Maybe they just didn’t feel like it, we’ll never know.

Beat Saber Sanity Checks

Beat Saber’s multiplayer allows up to 5 players to compete on songs available in the game. All players must have the respective DLC packs should they want to play a DLC song. Players can choose to enter online matchmaking or create custom matches with their friends. The devs also added a sort of “badge” system. For example, if your slices are really on-point you’ll be rewarded with the “most precise slicer” award/badge.

The update also brings a new spooky song called “Spooky Beat” by Jaroslav Beck, ushering in the Halloween spirit for any VR fans. As of yet, PC/Quest players are not able to play with PSVR players but we hope that changes in the future. PC and Quest players are able to play together.

If you were looking for an excuse to pick up a PSVR kit, nows your chance. Beat Saber offers hours of single-player fun, and the online matchmaking will tack on another few hours. If your friends own a PSVR, you’ll be able to enjoy getting double their score and humiliating them over the internet!