Death Stranding Director’s Cut Coming to PC in March

The Way Kojima Intended

Very soon, gamers will be able to experience cross-country delivery simulation at its absolute finest. That’s right, I’m talking about Death Stranding Director’s Cut. Right now, both versions of Death Stranding are out on PlayStation and you can play the standard version on PC.

Recently, the release date for the Director’s Cut on PC was announced. Unlike the standard edition, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will launch on Steam and Epic Games Store at the same time. Sam Bridges’ babysitting adventure will be available later this year, looking better than ever.

Death Stranding Director's Cut

The Steam page for the game reads in part “DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT on PC includes HIGH FRAME RATE, PHOTO MODE and ULTRA-WIDE MONITOR SUPPORT. Also includes cross-over content from Valve Corporation’s HALF-LIFE series and CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. Stay connected with players around the globe with the Social Strand System™.”

Other in-game content added to this version includes backpack patches, Bridges Special Delivery Team Suit (Gold), BB pod customization (Chiral Gold), Power Gloves (Gold), Bridges Special Delivery Team Suit (Silver), BB pod customization (Omnireflector), and Power Gloves (Silver). Customers will also get digital “selections” of the Death Stranding artbook.

There are a couple of ways to get the Director’s Cut. You can simply buy it (obviously), but if you already have the standard edition, you can buy a $10 upgrade and whichever store you bought it from, Epic Games Store or Steam. Improvements from the first edition include a deeper combat system, a few more quests, and a prettier Norman Reedus.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is available on PS5 and will be on PC on March 30th.

If you haven’t played Death Stranding, will you try out the Director’s Cut? Let us know in the comments below.