Headcrabs & More for Death Stranding on Steam

Kojima Says Each One Has a “Special Feature”

If you’ve seen the release date trailer for Death Stranding on Steam, you probably remember some of the collaboration items featured in it (don’t worry if you missed it, you can check it out below). These include¬†Gravity Gloves from the all-hyped Half-Life: Alyx, and the Headcrab from the same series.

Today, Kojima made a twitter post hinting that they might be more than just purely cosmetic though! He said, “In the DS PC ver trailer, what Sam is wearing is called the Headcrab and Gravity Gloves from Half-Life. Since those are collaboration items, each one has a special feature.”

What that means isn’t exactly clear, and this is Kojima after all, the man loves riddles. I’m going to assuming this is just marketing, and it’s probably some little easter eggs you can interact with these items, nothing more. But who knows, it can’t hurt to get too excited for a port right, the game’s already out (read our review here). You know already if you are going to get it or not. Maybe there are actually interesting gameplay related things you can do with them. I mean, we thought P.T. was just a trailer right? Maybe we’ll get some cool sneak-peek at some Alyx gameplay? Story?

Okay, I’ll stop myself before I dig too far down this rabbit hole. I’ve definitely been waiting for too long for Death Stranding on Steam. How about you, any other PC gamers been waiting too? Or how about cross-platform gamers, are you looking to pick up a second copy on PC for better graphics and such? Let us know!

Source: Twitter