Enjoy A Ton of New Content As Splitgate Beta Season 1 Launches Today

Enjoy A Ton of New Content As Splitgate Beta Season 1 Launches Today

Splitgate released mid last year for all to enjoy on all major platforms. The game was well received as it mixed Halo and Portal and fit into a cool niche. Since then, 1047 Games have pumped content into the game and today, the company is ready to enter Beta Season 1. In Beta Season 1, players will enjoy an array of new features, modes and much more. Splitgate is a free to play shooter that is available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Season 1 is also available for free.

The latest trailer showcasing the Season’s upcoming content gives fans a look into Evolution and One Flag Capture the Flag. These are new game modes for players to enjoy. As a result, there are now twenty-one game modes in Splitgate. The minute long trailer also shows off some of the skins and unlocks that they can use over the upcoming months.  Also, players will be able to enjoy a reimagined Foregone Destruction Map. It introduces new fidelity and overall design that fans can come to expect in the near future.

Furthermore, it highlights the all-new dynamic map creator. The introduction of the map creator gives players the opportunity to co-create maps with eight friends simultaneously and share them. In the map creator, players will be able to place objects, weapons, spawns, portal walls and much more.

Furthermore, as Season 1 launches, players can begin progressing through the 100 Level Battle Pass for 900 Splitcoin or $9USD. The Battle Pass features paid and free content for fans to optimize their styles.

What are your thoughts on Splitgate? Have you tried it yet? Are you interested in Beta Season 1? Will you be trying it? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

SOURCE: Press Release