Nivalis Official Tokyo Game Show Trailer Is Here

Enter the City of Nivalis

ION LANDS and 505 Games have finally showcased an official trailer of their upcoming title Nivalis at the Tokyo Game Show 2023. Thaddeus, an important character in the storyline appears in the trailer. Moreover, the game is expected to come out sometime in 2024 for PC but the developer has not announced any specific release window.


Nivalis is a cyberpunk slice-of-life simulation game with adventure role-playing elements. Players take on the role of a character who has recently arrived in the titular city, a sprawling cyberpunk metropolis. They are free to choose their own path in the city, whether they want to start a business, explore the city, or simply survive.

The game features a robust business management system. Players can start their own business from scratch, choosing from a variety of different industries, such as food service, retail, and nightlife. Players will need to manage their finances, staff, and inventory in order to succeed.

It is also a very immersive game. We can explore the city’s many different districts, each with its own unique atmosphere. We can also interact with a variety of different characters, from friendly NPCs to dangerous criminals.

Here are some of the key features of the game:

-Experience your simulated life in Nivalis, and choose how you spend your time each day.
-Manage businesses like restaurants, ramen stands, or nightclubs.
-Buy or grow your own ingredients.
-Explore the city with your own boat and go fishing.
-Decorate your home or buy and customize a new one.
-Discover the stories of the people you meet in the city, your friends, your customers, and maybe even find love.