Daemon X Machina is Next Week’s Free Game on Epic Games Store

An Epic Game for the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has a history with giving away free digital copies of games to its userbase. A while back, during the holidays, it put Prey and Control on that list for a limited time. And next week, for a limited time, the mech shooter game Daemon X Machina will be a free pickup for anyone diligent enough to snag it.

Daemon X Machina, first released on the Nintendo Switch, received a PC port a while back. Our own review was enamored with the title, saying: “As a fan of anime, playing Daemon X Machina was a combination of watching my favorite mech-based anime such as Zoids and Gundam and playing my favorite mech games like Titanfall and Custom Robo. Fans of the mech genre will find a lot to love with this PC port of an instant Nintendo Switch classic.”

daemon x machina

The game has developers with ties to the Armored Core franchise, another popular mech-based warfare title that just might see a new installment soon. Considering the excitement there, it’s not unreasonable for people to have high expectations for Daemon X Machina. And looking at the game’s reception… yeah, it seems to have done a good job.

Like with all Epic Games Store free releases, there’s no limited quantity of items nor a weird hoop you have to jump through. Just open the game’s store page and add it to your account, simple as as can be.

What are your impressions of Daemon X Machina? If you don’t already have the game, will you be picking it up now? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!