Warframe’s The New War Update Will ‘Leave People Emotional’

Warframe: The New War Is More Than Just an Update

Warframe’s The New War update will be dropping today. It is Digital Extremes’ latest expansion for the game. It will be a free update that will bring something for everyone. This suggests that both new and veteran players can find something they can enjoy.

Warfame: The New War is more than just a bunch of added content. Apparently, it is a huge story campaign that has been a long time coming. 

warframe the new war emotional story

The New War has been the grand vision for years,” Rebecca Ford, the Live Operations and Community Director for Digital Extremes, said. “I do not think there has been a time since it was announced in 2018 that someone was not thinking about how to start making it awesome—everything has been part of that.”

The Warframe community are not strangers to story-driven content. However, The New War update takes the franchise back to its core. “It is full-on, cinematic, about your relationship to the main characters in the game,” Ford added.

According to Ford, this is “the most personal content” they have made for the game. “We put so much into it,” she said. “I think the story is going to leave people emotional.”

Ford has admitted that the content they showcased at TennoCon was only “the system’s perspective on the war.” “It will immediately become a personal story,” she said. “I did not finish the script without crying.”

The arrival of The New War is the fruit of a very challenging couple of years for the team. Being aware of how invested the fan base is in the franchise is key. “That has come with its challenges,” she said. “We have had a couple of misfires over the course of the pandemic wherein we released a pretty buggy update.”

Digital Extremes have been talking about Warframe: The New War for so long. The team behind the game is happy that “it is finally here.” “I am so proud we got to this point despite all the hardships,” Ford continued. “I hope people think it is worth the wait.”

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