Gaming Streamer Creates a “AAA” Game Studio: Midnight Society

Midnight Society Sees the Light of Day

Look out AAA studios, there’s a new kid on the block. Their name is “Midnight Society”, and they’ve got some pretty big names on board. Guy Beahm is one you might recognize, though it’s more likely you know him as Dr. Disrespect. He’s got a ton of experience playing multiplayer pvp shooters at a competitive level, and even in developing a few. This is a new venture for him, but not one he’s unfamiliar with.

Beahm, of course, isn’t going in alone. He’s partnered with two industry veterans, one who’s worked on Halo, and another on Call of Duty.

Midnight Society is a new AAA game studio founded by Dr Disrespect, Robert Bowling (Call of Duty), and Quinn DelHoyo (Halo, Gears of War)“, the post leads. “we’re focused on delivering the best, most community-focused, online PVP multiplayer experience the world has ever seen and it all starts today.

The company’s website offers little raw information, mainly just stating their existence and making sure you know that they’re hiring. Beyond careers, they’ve also got an “intercept” tab where, so far, a single blog post has been made: “Welcome to Midnight Society.” That’s where the above quote came from.

Midnight Society makes some pretty ambitious statements. They want to defy existing publishing models, and be “a new kind of game studio”. It seems like having a “player-focused” model is their key here. Have they released any nitty-gritty details on what exactly that’ll look like? Not really, but it’s probably too early for stuff like that.

They’re in the very early stages of things, at this point. They haven’t released any concepts, ideas, or art – but we do know they’ll be developing something in the multiplayer pvp space.