V Rising New Trailer Shows off Fluid Combat

Explore Farbane 

Become what goes bump in the night. Stunlock Studio’s vampire survival game, V Rising, released a new trailer today showing off the game’s vampiric combat. From powers like stealth to morphing into bats and more, the trailer shows off the animation style of abilities and the mechanics of combat. 

V Rising Feature

V Rising itself, is an open-world vampire survival game in which players seek to empower their vampire and strengthen their clan. Additionally, the game features an interactive multiplayer world. Meaning, players and their friends will be able to fight other players in real-time. In fact, the new trailer even showcases some of this PVP combat. 

The combat, in the trailer, appears fluid and reminiscent of MMORPG games. The abilities cast are animated to move quickly and flow with melee and ranged attacks from weapons. The trailer shows off combat between players and NPC’s, monsters, other players, and while on horseback. 

“V Rising uses super-responsive WASD movement combined with a layer of tracking and aiming attacks, for players to feel truly in control of their combat experience,” said a press release about the trailer. 

Also, the new trailer gives a glimpse at the environment of Farbane forest. From steep cliffs, to lush clearings, all corners of the forest contain danger for a vampire adventurer. In addition, the environment contains destructible elements. For instance, using abilities on some trees, rocks, and crates destroys them.

The release date for V Rising is to be announced. However, players can currently sign up for Beta tests as well as add the game to your Steam Wishlist. V Rising is releasing on PC sometime in 2022. As of right now, players will just have to patiently await their time to  awaken from their vampiric slumber. What are you most excited about V Rising? What did you think of the combat trailer?