V Rising Unveils First Gameplay Trailer for Secrets of Gloomrot

Step Into Gloomrot 

It’s time for a look at Gloomrot. The world of Vampires is gaining a new territory. This one is a land of darkness, evil machinations, and fear.  Today, Stunlock Studios is giving players a look at the gameplay for the upcoming expansion for their hit game, V Rising. The expansion, Secrets of Gloomrot, is bringing a whole new land for players to explore as well as a host of new content. A press release dives into all the new details about Gloomrot. Furthermore, the first look gameplay trailer gives players an in depth look at the darkness that awaits them. 

V Rising

V Rising is a top-down survival game where players take on the role of vampires in a dark gothic world. Players will seek out power to raise their standing in the world in order to become the next Dracula. However, the world of V Rising doesn’t take kindly to Vampires. Humans, monsters, and more will try to kill you. Luckily you have many ways to grow your power from weapons, to abilities, and even magic. 

Importantly the Secrets of Gloomrot expansion is adding a whole new host of content to the world of V Rising. For starters, the new territory is bringing a whole new biome to the game the size of  the Dunley Farmlands. Additionally, players can look forward to new castle building mechanics, more diverse combat, and even a new spell school. Of course, players can check out all that is to come in the new gameplay trailer. 

V Rising is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access. The Secrets of Gloomrot will be releasing on May 17th.