THQ Nordic to Distribute Remnant II

A Productive Partnership 

As the release date for a game draws near it’s always interesting to see all the big names involved. For instance, the developers and publishers are always exciting to when it comes to a new title. The distributer is no different when it comes to big studios getting involved. Today, Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games are happy to announce that THQ Nordic will be distributing their upcoming action-survival shooter, Remnant II. The announcement arrives with a press release that provides fans with more information on the game. Additionally, Gearbox urges fans to checkout the new Best Friends trailer giving players a look at Remnant II’s newest class. 

Remnant II

Remnant II is returning players to the world of the first game. Ravaged, devastated, destroyed, the world is full of various threats that players must overcome. Importantly, this sequel is building on the elements of the first game but elevating them. Players can look forward to new weapons, gear, bosses, and biomes. Additionally, players will also have access to new branching quest lines and an expanded archetype system. 

Of course, players can check out the Best Friends trailer for a look at the game and its newest archetype. Furthermore, the trailer gives players a glimpse of the third person shooter gameplay. Check it out below. 

Remnant II is releasing on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S in Summer 2023. Of course, THQ Nordic, in cooperation with Gearbox Publishing, is bringing Remnant II to retail stores all over the world. So, are you excited for Remnant II?