Warframe Diviri Paradox Update Offers New Path for Fresh Players

Warframe Re-Frames the War or Something

Those at Digital Extremes clearly want all players, new or old, to see what The Duviri Paradox is all about. And as such, they’ve added something to Warframe’s new player experience: a second one. The usual intro to the Origin System is called the “Warframe Path” – but they’ve added a Paradox Path for all to experience.

Choose the Paradox Path to assume the role of The Drifter and experience all that The Duviri Paradox has to offer right away. Or opt for the Warframe Path to begin the Awakening Quest in the Origin System – the traditional beginning for Warframe.” Says the update’s official website.

Whether you are just starting with Warframe or have been playing for years, The Duviri Paradox will be available to all players.

And for newcomers in particular, worry not – the developers promise a convergence of timelines. The Paradox Path will not permanently lock you out of the Warframe Path. You can play both! The announcement doesn’t detail exactly how these timelines converge, but judging by the game’s habitually obscure method of storytelling, it’s likely something too mysterious for something like this. You’ll just have to play the game for that one!

The Duviri Paradox is a lot more than just a new player update, though. Since its first full teaser in 2019, curious fans have been eagerly awaiting the mysteries of the plains of Duviri. The update offers no shortage of places to find answers – a whole new gamemode, a shifting open world, additional story content, the works.