Atomicrops Releases New DLC

It’s Time to Reap What You Crow in Atomicrops’ New DLC

Atomicrops, the action roguelite farming simulator, is back with more content today. Originally released last June, the bloody farm game is adding more content. Reap What You Crow, the brand new DLC for Atomicrops, comes with several updates ready to add to the bloody mayhem of the game’s original content.

Atomicrops Screenshot

Reap What You Crow brings a host of major additions to the game. This starts with a whole new playable character: the Oregacrow. This is a crow-like character that loves to plant corn and oregano. Oregano replaces the original heart beets crop and is exclusive to the Oregacrow. It also comes with a new cauldron mechanic that can provide upgrades depending on what players mix inside.

See the Orgeacrow dominating the farmland in the DLC trailer below.

Reap What You Crow also brings with two new exciting weapons. The scythe is perfect for close combat and farming. It features several upgrade options, including riding a horse. There is also the leech gun, which is great for gaining fertilizer. It also has a unique ammo system that refills itself by performing farming tasks.

Reap What You Crow is out as of this morning, and is available for purchase on Steam, GOG and the Microsoft Store. Which addition are you most excited for: the Oregacrow, the scythe or the leech gun?