Greak: Memories of Azure Comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

A Story of Family Comes to Old Gen

A hand-drawn adventure comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today as Greak: Memories of Azure comes to last gen consoles. That’s right, Navegante’s debut game has come to last gen consoles. A press release that came out today provides more detail about the PS4 and Xbox One release of the game. 

In addition to the new release on last gen consoles, Greak arrives with some new content. According to the press release “Greak: Memories of Azur on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will also release with brand new content, including a new boss encounter, a playable cinematic sequence, improved map, accessibility options, and more.” 

The game follows the story of three siblings fleeing an invasion of their homeland. Each sibling has their own unique abilities that will helps the player solve different puzzles. The player will follow the siblings through a beautifully hand-drawn world backed by a live orchestra soundtrack. Players can also enjoy all of the new content for free if they have already purchased the game on a different console. 

If you are playing Greak on an Xbox Series X/S or PC the new content is already available for you. The updated content is coming to PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022. 

Also, the old-gen console launch came with a launch trailer. The trailer shows off the signature art style, and the core gameplay of Greak: Memories of Azure. 

 If you still aren’t sold on this charming platformer. Maybe take it from someone who has already experienced it. COGconnected’s very own review of the game, by Jaz Sagoo, will walk you through some impressions and maybe help you form your own opinion. 

Currently, the game is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with up to date content including the new content.