Inscryption Developer Added a New Mod to the Game

Enjoy More Inscryption With Kaycee’s Mod

Inscryption has caught the attention of many gamers for its unique blend of card-based RPG mechanics and unsettling story. The game was such a success, the developer decided to reward the Inscryption fanbase with a free mod.


The mod, referred to as Kaycee’s Mod, is currently available for free on Steam. It’s named after a character whose name makes an appearance from time to time in Inscryption. Don’t worry, this article is completely spoiler-free.

For those who haven’t played it yet, Inscryption is a horror, roguelite indie game developed by Daniel Mullins Games. The game puts the player in a log cabin where a mysterious figure is holding them captive. The figure is shrouded in darkness, where only his eyes, and occasionally his hands, are visible to the player. The player must indulge their captor by playing a card game where the two pit woodland creatures against each other in battle akin to deck-building games like Hearthstone. Between games, The player moves along a map with forking paths that offer different kinds of rewards and challenges. They also may walk around the cabin and solve puzzles that produce different rewards.

Inscryption is far more than a simple card game, however. Some of the cards can speak to you giving you hints on how to beat some of the boss fights and trying to assist you in finding a way out. This game will suck you in with its compelling story and addicting gameplay, the latter being the inspiration for the mod.

Perhaps the only complaint players have about Inscryption is they can’t get enough of its gameplay. That’s where Kaycee’s Mod comes in. Daniel Mullins posted on Steam that fans sent him countless requests for an endless mode of Inscryption. Kaycee’s Mod is just that, an endless bout of challenges that only ends when the player dies. All of the core gameplay mechanics are still present with only the story elements missing. The mod is currently in beta, which players can access for free through Steam.