Digimon Survive Finally Gets ESRB Rating

Digimon Survive Finally Gets Its ESRB Rating

Digimon Survive fans waiting for the game to finally launch will be pleased to know that it finally got its ESRB rating. Generally, this means that it is relatively close to an official launch date. 

Digimon Survive got an ESRB rating of T, which means that it contains “Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence, Strong Language, and Mild Blood.” With that said, the game will only be suitable for gamers who are aged 13 and up.

digimon survive esrb rating

The rating referenced certain in-game attacks, specifically mentioning the Poop Toss. This is an attack that Sukamon and Geremon use for fighting. “Out of a variety of attack moves, Digimon can perform a Poop Toss, which is depicted as a cartoony poo coil thrown at opponents and is accompanied by squishy sound effects,” the rating’s brief summary explained.

The words ‘sh*t,’ ‘b*tch,’ and ‘p*ssed’ appear in the dialogue,” the summary continued.

Digimon Survive is a much-awaited RPG that is part of the Digimon mega franchise. Previous screenshots of the game delighted fans because of its accurate anime aesthetic. Since its 2018 announcement, fan have been looking forward to its inevitable launch.

Producer Kazumasa Habu first announced an official delay for the game last year, reassuring fans that they will release it in spring of 2021. Sadly, Habu announced this year that they decided to delay it again for 2022. Now that the game has finally received an ESRB rating, it may finally release in early 2022.

The game will be playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, there is no exact release date just yet.

Digimon Survive also got its rating from other boards. Just this August, it got its Australian rating. And, in September, its Brazilian rating came up.

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