Call of the Sea Celebrates Anniversary With Limited Bundle

This Is the Second Special Physical Edition to Hit the Shelves for the Game

Call of the Sea will be releasing a limited, special edition, physical release of the game in 2022. This will be released, surprisingly, only for the PlayStation 5. This limited release will be called Journey Edition and will release alongside the other, less limited, but still, a special edition of the game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, called Norah’s diary edition.

Call of the Sea

There will only be a thousand copies released by Meridiem Games, all across Europe. There is no word yet though if this will be also available for sale in North America, or anywhere else. This may be because Call of the Sea was created by Out of the Blue, and published by Raw Fury, both of which are located within Europe. Both happen to be pretty indie when it comes to the gaming industry, which makes it a pleasant surprise that they are able to release such a special edition, even in limited numbers.

And it is pretty special. The bundle will not only contain content from the Norah’s Diary edition from the game but also have a ton of goodies. They’ll have the original soundtrack collector’s coloured vinyl, a hardcover art book containing designs, artwork and images, and three lithographs with original artwork. All of this is contained within a Call of the Sea branded box, which looks as if it’s a smaller copy of Norah’s luggage.

There’s no price set yet on the limited run of Call of the Sea: Journey edition, but you can bet that it will be pretty pricy. It may be easier, and more accessible, for those who want a special edition to grab the Norah’s Diary edition of the game. This may not have the soundtrack on vinyl, but it will have a special premium case, a concept art book, two photographs, a travel ticket and an art poster.

Of course, it is possible to enjoy Call of the Sea without the special editions, limited or not. But it is something to consider if you are a hardcore fan of this beautifully unsettling 1930s game.