Call of The Sea Arrives to Meta Quest 2

Time for a New Adventure 

Your journey to the South Pacific has begun. Set during the 1930’s, this tale of mystery is bringing adventure to players now. Indie developer Out of the Blue and publisher Raw Fury are happy to announce the release of their their story-driven puzzle adventure game, Call of the Sea, for the Meta Quest 2. The BAFTA nominated game is transporting players to a brand new adventure of mystery and self-discovery. A press release delves into more details about the new release. Additionally, players can view the launch trailer for a look at the immersion the game will provide. 

Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea is an adventure puzzle game, driven completely by its narrative elements. Importantly the new change to VR is bringing a great deal to players in terms of how they will experience the game. Importantly, players will be able to explore with even deeper immersion and feeling. Players will be able to explore a lush island paradise in incredible detail, as they search for clues surrounding Norah’s, the protagonist of the game, missing husband. Interestingly, players will be able to explore ancient ruins, lush jungles, sub-aquatic areas, and abandoned villages. 

The new launch trailer gives players a look at the improved graphics, art-style and more of the Meta Quest 2. Of course, the trailer also gives players a glimpse of the gameplay and some of the story elements. Check it out below. 

Call of the Sea is out now on Meta Quest 2. So, will you be undertaking this new journey into the sea?