SpiderHeck Swings Into New Game Modes With Update

Arachnids With Weapons 

There’s nothing like swinging around on your own web and blasting your friends. Of course, it feels even better when you get to play as a spider with weapons. Today, Neverjam and tinyBuild are excited to reveal the newest update for their arena party game, SpiderHeck. The update is bringing a whole host of new content including two new game modes that allow players to test themselves and their friends. A press release provides more details on the update. Additionally, a streaming trailer from a few months ago gives players a better look at the game. 


SpiderHeck is a multiplayer party game that pits players against one another as weapon wielding spiders. Players will battle it out on various different maps using a myriad of weapons. Of course, you don’t have to battle one another. The game also provides players with multiple single player options including cutting down waves of enemies while performing spider parkour. 

Of course, the new update is introducing two new game modes. The new single-player parkour mode allows players to challenge their parkour skills across 18 maps created exclusively for the update. Furthermore, the second game mode allows players to get more creative. Interestingly, the creative mode allows players to create their own parkour maps to share with the community. Of course, players can check out the trailer for a better look at the game. 

SpiderHeck is out now on Steam and PlayStation consoles. Additionally, the game will be arriving to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch soon.