Endless Dungeon Release Postponed Until October 19th

Crucial Time for a Polished Game 

It’s always a a good sign when a studio admits it needs more time to work on a game. Of course, this indicates that the studio is creating a game of quality. Especially when the game is aiming to be as innovative as possible. Today, SEGA Europe Limited  and  Amplitude Studios SAS let players know that their upcoming tower defense twin stick shooter, Endless Dungeon, has been delayed until October 19th, 2023. A press release provides the studio’s reasoning, as well as, more information about the delay. Specifically, the release provides insights from Romain de Waubert, General Manager and CCO of Amplitude Studios. Of course players can check out the pre-order trailer from a couple months ago for a better look at the game. 

Endless Dungeon Feature

“The feedback we received during the OpenDev sessions has shown us that we have something very special on our hands, and we want to make sure we have the time necessary for the game to reach its full potential.” Says Romain de Waubert, General Manager and CCO of Amplitude Studios. “The release of ENDLESS DUNGEON in October will allow us extra time to continue working with the community and fine-tune the game for a flawless day one experience.” 

Importantly, players who pre-ordered the game will have Early Access on October 17th. Additionally, players who pre-purchased the game through the online shop can receive a refund where applicable. If you haven’t had a chance you can check out the pre-order trailer for a look at what to expect. 

Endless Dungeon will be releasing on October 19th, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. So, are you excited for the release of Endless Dungeon? Do you agree with the studio’s decision to wait awhile for the release of Endless Dungeon?