Back 4 Blood Just Got a Big Update

Back 4 Blood Gets Festive With New Holiday Themed Cosmetics and More

Back 4 Blood just got a free update that added tons of new content to the game and a seasonal event as well. Turtle Rock Studios released the free update earlier today.

back 4 blood increased difficulty

Back 4 Blood is a zombie survival multiplayer game with a heavy emphasis on co-op. Join your friends and slaughter wave after wave of zombies and progress through the campaign. The game was developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the same developers behind Back 4 Blood’s spiritual predecessor Left 4 Dead.

The update made quite a few tweaks and additions to the game and also added limited-time holiday-themed in-game content. The campaign can now be enjoyed in offline mode with the same features as online mode. Players in offline mode can now earn supply points, achievements and other unlockables. Progress can also be transferred from offline mode to online mode.

The update also added rotating supply lines called Roving Merchants. These supply lines give the player more rewards to spend supply points on. The rewards are time-sensitive and come in and out of rotation. There is a holiday-themed version called 34th Street Roving Merchant. Players can earn holiday-themed cosmetics such as character skins, weapon skins, emblems and sprays.

In celebration of the holiday season, Back 4 Blood has gotten a holiday overhaul. Fort Hope is covered in holiday-themed decorations. On top of this, Doc and Holly got character-specific accessories. Doc got a snow hat and Holly got a reindeer antlers headband.

The update also had a large number of bug fixes, tweaks and quality of life changes. The quality of life changes mostly focused on things like hitboxes, movement speed and player collisions. Turtle Rock Studios also made tons of balancing changes to cards effects and weapon damage.