Back 4 Blood Devs Are Going to Try and Make Solo Mode Worth Anything

Let’s Get a Fix

Turtle Rock Studios has listened to the backlash since fans found out the single-player mode in Back 4 Blood is pretty much pointless. They have promised to look into the issue to find a way to make the solo mode more appealing. That’s good, but I have no idea why they made it so pointless to begin with.

Here is what Turtle Rock Studios had to say on Twitter:

“We have heard your frustrations about progression in solo mode and are discussing ways to address the issue. Thank you for your patience and feedback at this time – we’ll have more news as we strategize on potential ways to make it happen.”

Since Back 4 Blood is out now and those who pre-ordered the more expensive edition can play it now, fans have found out that single-player is mostly useless.

Here is the message that pops up when you try to play solo:

“Uses solo decks created in the Fort Hope deck menu. Maps and objectives will be adjusted. Matchmaking and player invites are disabled. Earning Supply Points is disabled. Stat tracking is disabled. Earning progress towards Accomplishments is disabled.”

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That’s a lot of stuff disable for no real reason I can think of. You can’t earn currency, you can’t get accomplishments, it doesn’t even track stats. Why would you play this? What’s the point?

the single-player is just structured in a strange way. Normally, you unlock cards with supply points and you tailor them to your playstyle. In single-player, you have all the cards unlocked already so you don’t earn supply points.

I just don’t see why they didn’t make the progression the same. If someone wants to grind stuff out solo, they should be allowed to do so. This whole thing is a bit of a mess and I hope Turtle Rock Studios can fix it.