A New Game Boy Color Game Is Coming, Thanks to Incub8 Games

The Game Boy Color May be Retro, But It’s Not Dead Yet

Ah, the Game Boy Color – a console so old, there’s a good chance it predates you. The retro platform was among Nintendo‘s first ventures into the handheld market, and it seems like they left an impression. It may not be the most powerful console on the market, nor does it have the biggest library – but that world of games just got one entry bigger. Incub8 games is publishing a physical cartridge for an upcoming title by Spacebot Interactive.

“Dragonborne DX” is an upgraded version of their original Dragonborne title, being given an extra layer of polish. On its store page, it boasts of improved combat, visuals, and music from the previous version. Pre-orders will open up in march of next year, with not word (yet!) of a release date.

Other than that, it’s still got all the features of the original retro-style game. It’s a turn-based RPG in the style of Final Fantasy or Pokémon, clocking in at around 10 hours in length. But of course, it’ll last you longer than that if you want to see each of the game’s multiple endings.

Incub8 Games has developed something of an MO when it comes to Game Boy Color releases. Other titles like The Year After and Deadeus can be found on their site, all with “(GBC)” labels that proudly display their retro console home to potential customers.

After the grandeur of the Matrix’s Unreal Engine 5 demo, and the plethora of titles revealed during The Game Awards last week, it’s almost wholesome to see older platforms still getting love. And it’s no small amount of love either – even without sales figures in hand, the original Dragonborne must have performed well enough to warrant a release like this. Retro games like Dragonborne are still getting plenty of love!