A New Horror Game Is Coming… To Game Boy

Deadeus Hits The Classic Console This March

Good horror games can come in any form. For example, one of those forms could be a Game Boy game! Deadeus, a top-down horror adventure from -IZMA-, is being released as a physical cartridge for the Game Boy this Spring. You can pre-order this truly unusual horror game right now!


The game takes place in a small town about to be hit by a gruesome tragedy. You know this, because it’s been foretold in your dreams. Whether you save the town’s inhabitants or not is entirely dependent on your choices. This charming, ghastly game features 11 different endings, so you know things can go brutally wrong at the drop of a hat. Awesome!

While you can procure a digital version of the game with little trouble, it just isn’t as authentic. For that truly retro feel, you’ve gotta get the cartridge. Right? The good news is that copies are set to start shipping in just over a month. The bad news is that they will not be cheap. Making ancient game carts is a pricey endeavor, and these ones will set you back around 60 US dollars a piece. While that’s a hefty price tag, perhaps this kind of authenticity is worth it? Either way, you can check out the latest trailer below.

SOURCE: Press Release