Nintendo Pushes for Transparency and Diversity in Own Workforce

Nintendo Discusses Policy Changes in Its Corporate Governance Report

People have known that there are problems in the gaming industry, and how it treats its workforce. Seeing the Blizzard situation is only highlighting how bad it can be for those in the industry. Thankfully, Nintendo seems to be stepping up and doing more than just offering promises and words to the public.

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According to their Corporate Governance Report, Nintendo is attempting to clean up their act. Their basic goal, right on the top is, “We are working to achieve a highly transparent and sound system of corporate government, as well as improve our corporate ethics.”

That’s a clear goal at least. The document goes on, speaking of the status of majority shareholders, expanding on guidance on the appointment and theoretical dismissals of directors, why certain directors were appointed, and even a skill matrix for the directors and what they bring to the board (which is a pleasant surprise). It seems that Nintendo is ensuring that everything can be seen and understood for the public to follow.

Then again, it could also be due to the fact that while they are seeking to “developing an environment where employees of diverse backgrounds can maximise their potential.”, Nintendo still has some catching up to do. According to their own admittance, globally there are only 23.7% women in managerial positions as of March 31, 2021. For  Nintendo Co., Ltd in Japan, it’s even less. As of the same date, they only have 4.2 % in a management position. Nintendo is quick to say though that it is their goal to increase the number of women in management positions and above, and are in the midst of recruiting women to do so.

It’s difficult to say if Nintendo can follow through with the promise of diversifying and ensuring the selection of “employees on the basis of their competence and skills regardless of gender, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity”, but it is good to see that they are trying. And too, that they’re showing how a member of the board may be dismissed or appointed, depending on the circumstances. If consumers, not to mention current and future employees understand the current power structure of Nintendo, then we can understand why or who is making a certain move due to one situation or another.

All in all, Nintendo’s transparency is a good start. Maybe if we’re so lucky, we’ll see more transparency from the other major gaming companies too, as well as some ways discrimination and workplace toxicity will be battled within the video gaming industry.