The Matrix Awakens Proves Next-Gen Graphics Is in Sony’s Reach

The Matrix Awakens’ Tech Demo Has Fans Questioning Which Is Real and Which Isn’t

The Matrix Awakens’ trailer was premiered at this year’s The Game Awards. Gamers from across the world got to see what the game has to offer for the first time. Its reveal trailer has proven that next-gen graphics is in Microsoft’s and Sony’s reach.

The next generation of gaming did not actually come with today’s latest consoles. The Matrix Awakens has the kind of push that has the potential to turn that around.

the matrix awakens unreal engine 5

It is not like any tech demo that gamers have experienced before. Its visuals certainly feature a unique mix. For most of the time, players can tell that the demo is running on Unreal Engine 5. However, there are moments that fans can no longer identify the fine line between what is real and what is not. It is during these times that the devs are clearly showing off.

The Matrix Awakens is a testament to what Sony managed to accomplish within the gaming industry. One major reason for doing the demo is to demonstrate how Epic Games thinks its technology can be used to blend scripted story telling with games.

You want to be able to navigate massive, huge spaces just like you can in our world,” said Epic CTO Kim Libreri. “So, we have made that a lot easier to do in the Engine.”

Unreal Engine powers a number of today’s popular franchises, such as The Mandalorian and Fortnite, to name a few. Because of Unreal Engine 5, devs are able to use the same hyper-realistic virtual assets across different experiences. This is part of Epic’s plan to build up the metaverse.

I think an industry with more crossover between all types of entertainment and experiences is a richer thing,” Libreri added.

The entire The Matrix Awakens demo enters that uncanny valley feeling. Devs showed how they mixed the Engine and reality together for the first two minutes of the experience. A comment that cynics may have is that the visuals may seem a bit plastic-looking.

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