Ubisoft Talks Rainbow Six Extraction Release Date and Buddy Pass

Rainbow Six: Extraction Working the Cross-Game Perks

Rainbow Six fans who are looking forward to Extraction have some good news today. 1) the release date, and 2) something called a Buddy Pass. Rainbow Six Extraction was originally slated to be out by now, but the release date was quickly pushed back into early 2022. Today, we have a solid release date for fans to brace for.

Along with the release date, Ubisoft has announced that every copy of Rainbow Six Extraction will come with a Buddy Pass. The Buddy Pass can be extended to two friends of the player and they will be able to play in the same squad for up to 14 days.

Rainbow Six Extraction

The way it works is that the owner of the game has two Buddy Tokens, which can be sent to friends through the in-game menu. For the recipients of the Buddy Tokens, they will have to download the trial version of the game and accept the invite.

This is a great way to encourage players who are still on the fence about the game or who are not quite ready to pull the trigger on it. If your friend ends up enjoying themselves, the progress they make during their trial will carry over to the full game whenever the get around to buying it for themselves.

Players who own Rainbow Six Siege and buy Extraction will get the United Front bundle, which comes with four gearsets that are split between the two games. Siege players will also automatically unlock the 18 operators that start off in Extraction, if they have not already bought them in Siege.

As for the game itself, Rainbow Six Extraction will be coming out on January 20th, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Will you be inviting two buddies to play Rainbow Six: Extraction? Let us know in the comments below.